13.12.23. Acquarellfarben mit Luigi
13.12.23. Acquarellfarben mit Luigi
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Category: Art


Date 13.12.2023
h. 19:30


Date 14.12.2023
h. 21:30

Artwork by Luigi Torre / Kunstwerke von Luigi Torre: www.linktr.ee/illustrazionidilut

„Introduction to watercolor“ class:

12 hours, 6 lessons in English (if necessary, teacher can clarify in German)

1. Tools, basic techniques, practice and quick exercise

2. First lesson summary. Watercolor effects (splashes, blooms, salt…), practical application

3. Summary of first two lessons. Basics of color theory, exercise

4. Exercises to unleash creativity

5. Animals in watercolor: introduction

6. Watercolor portrait: introduction

The class is suitable both for beginners who want to try to paint for the first time, and for fans of the watercolor technique.

No previous experience required.

MITTWOCH ab 19.30 Uhr (120 Minuten ca. Workshop) – Target 18+