Discover a world full of diversity, exchange, and creativity at WiP gUG! We offer an inspiring platform for multilingualism, cultural exchange, and collaborative projects. Our free spaces and materials foster connections between people of different nationalities and age groups.

In 2023, we welcomed over 3,600 participants to our online webinars and in-person events, including daily activities and workshops.

Thanks to the collaboration with schools and dedicated participants, we were able to bring a variety of ideas to life!

Be part of our community! We have inspired and supported migrants, refugees, retirees, and individuals of all ages and social backgrounds. Let us encourage you to create your own leisure programs.

Why hesitate any longer? Join us and discover what WiP gUG can offer you!



What makes us special is our authenticity, our essence, our experience and our forward-looking outlook, which is why we want to invest in young people, in our future!



We want to consolidate skills and knowledge through workshops and experiences. Using interactive and dynamic methodologies, the young people will be able to meet with their peers and with our experts, who, with the right amount of lightness and empathy, will come into contact with them.



We offer children and young people living abroad the opportunity to keep their second language active by strengthening their sense of identity through an exchange, allowing them to get closer to different worlds and realities of life!

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WIP Coworking space

Looking for a room to celebrate your children's birthday or to paint? - 0049 (0)176 25852621 Anna

We're waiting for you!

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Meetings on topics related to parenting (in various languages), dedicated to parents.

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