Terms & Conditions

(1) For the legal relationships between Working in Projects gUG, this platform and their
costumers count exclusively the following general terms and condition in the version in force
at the moment of the sign up.
(2) Different general terms and condition of the costumer will not be accepted
(3) This website contains external links to external websites. These websites are under
responsibility of their owners. The operator has no influence on the actual and future
configuration nor on the contents of the linked pages. The apposition of external links doesn’t
mean that the operator takes possession of the contents of the external links. A continuing
control of the external links by the operator in absence of specific indications about any
violations of the law is not possible. Nevertheless, in case of knowledge of any violations of
the law the links will be immediately removed.
(4) For excursions and study trips as well as for workshops funded by third parties could
apply different conditions, established by the single external operators.
With the enrollment in the courses of the Working in Projects gUG through its website
www.workinginprojects.eu, the customer acknowledges the general conditions and terms
(1) The enrollment can be applied through the enrollment-form offered on this website or by
e-mail. With the transmission of the enrollment-form and the approval of the general terms
and conditions in force, the enrollments in the offered course or workshop become binding
and legally effective.
(2) For minor participants the enrollment must be applied by a parent or a legal guardian.
(3) The enrollment in the offers by other means is not allowed.
(4) All the workshops have a minimum number of participants: at least six to maximum ten
participants. There can be exceptions in case of participation of school classes: in this case

the number of participants can be extended upon agreement with the workshop speaker. The
enrollments will be handled in order of reception.
(5) The courses will take place only if the minimum attendance will be reached. If it won’t be
reached, the courses could be assembled, modified, postponed, or cancelled.
(1) The entitlement to participate results from the enrollment confirmation by the Working in
Projects gUG as well as from the payment of the course fee at the latest one day before the
beginning of the course.
(1) The courses/workshops can be free or with fee.

(2) If the course/workshop provides with a fee, this will be communicated by the Working in
Projects gUG at the presentation of the course.

(3) The fee must be paid at least one day before the beginning of the course at the bank
account or PayPal account of the Working in Projects gUG.

(4) Invoices and receipts will be released by the Working in Projects gUG.

(5) The payment is for the whole workshop/course. A payment for single units of the course is
not possible.
(1) The enrollment in the courses and workshops is binding. A cancellation, postponement or
recession is possible at least five days before the beginning of the course/workshop. The fee
will be refunded by bank transfer.
(2) For later cancellation the fee will be not refunded.
(3) After the beginning of the course/workshop the cancellation or recession will not be
possible anymore.
(4) The lost course hours because of illness of the speaker will be caught up later, if possible.
Cash payments are not possible.

(5) During the actual norms in force because of the Corona pandemic, we reserve the
possibility to cancel the courses and workshops even on short notice or immediately before
the beginning of them. If possible, the operator will try to find another date at the end of the
If a lesson will be cancelled by the speaker, it will be decided with him/her, if and when a
catch up of the lesson could be possible.
(1) The courses and workshops offer can be checked on the website
www.workinginprojects.eu. The Working in Projects gUG reserves the possibility to cancel
the course or workshop in case of small number of participants.
(2) In the case above, the participant will be informed about the cancellation by e-mail at the
address given at the moment of the enrollment.
(1) The data of the participants will be used electronically for intern purposes. The data
received at the moment of the enrollment will be saved in compliance with the norms
concerning the privacy and used exclusively by the Working in Projects gUG, its partners –
also external- and the course speakers.
(2) The participants agree with the treatment of their personal data for the purpose of the
enrollments organization and the administration paperwork of the Working in Projects gUG.
(1) The participation at the courses and workshops is at own risk and peril of the
participants. Any compensation demands are excluded. The speakers do not assume any
liability towards the participants and third parties for the loss of objects or accidents during
the course or workshop, except for fraud or gross negligence on the part of the Working in
Projects gUG.
(2) The operator doesn’t assume any liability towards objects of value.

All texts, materials, photos or images as well as any other type of document on this website
are subjected to the copyright of the Working in Projects or their original creators. The
customer does not acquire any right of use above these works.
If a clause of this contract will be declared as ineffective or invalid, the validity of the other
clauses remains. The ineffective or invalid clause will be replaced with a legally effective
norm as similar as possible to the original norm. With the communication of new general
terms and conditions, al the precedent conditions lose its validity.
(1) The legal relationships between the Working in Projects gUG and its customers are ruled
by the German law.

(2) The contract language is German. These general conditions have been written in
German, Italian and English. In case of discrepancies between the different versions it
attests exclusively the German version.

(3) The contract parties agree the German national court of jurisdiction. For disputes about
this contract, the court having exclusively international and local jurisdiction is the court of
Munich, if nothing different is regulated by the law about consumer protection.

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